PDFBear: The Best Website for Converting and Editing Your PDF Files

PDFBear: The Best Website for Converting and Editing Your PDF Files


The PDFBear website is known to be one of the safest websites when it comes to PDF file formats and documents. This website can auto-delete all your uploaded files in their system in an hour or 60 minutes after downloading the file to your device. All the files being uploaded and edited on their website are handled with much care.

For new users, PDFBear can let you access all their twenty-six tools free for fourteen days for you to explore and weigh it yourself on how helpful this website is. After that, if you are satisfied with their service, you can become one of their Pro subscribers by paying a small amount of $5.99 per month. Here are some of their various tools you might find useful.

What You Need to Know About PDFBear

If you are not familiar with online PDF conversions, then PDFBear is one of, if not, the best Word to PDF converter free of charge. They have twenty-six other tools like PPT to PDF, Excel to PDF, Word to PDF, and more. The website is very convenient to use as it can be accessed using different operating systems and browsers. 

PDFBear has a free trial for people who are new to the website. This free trial can last up to 14 days. Yes, you can enjoy all their different tools as long as you want for 14 days. If you start to love this website, you can become a Pro subscriber for just $5.99 per month. It is a low price for twenty-six different useful tools when it comes to your PDF files.

Aside from its low subscription price, the website is very safe to use. They have this technology that would secure all the files you uploaded to their system and delete them after 60 minutes when PDFBear solves your conversions and other PDF concerns.  Here are two of the various tools present on the website and their purpose.

Split PDF

The Split PDF tool is one of the most used tools to help you organize your vast PDF files. Through this tool’s help, you can split bulk amounts of pages into two to three different PDF files. In that way, you can save up enough space for your hard drive, a storage disk, or even your portable USB.

In the PDFBear tool, you can go with two different options to split your PDF files. One is you can arrange your file by dividing the critical pages into individual PDF files. Two, You can get the essential pages from your original PDF file and make a new one by combining all of those pages into one file.

Through the help of PDFBear, you can achieve all of these two options in just four steps. First, you upload the main file to their website; Next step, choose the necessary pages that you want to split and then click the refine button and export them into individual PDF files; then lastly, you can download your new PDF file for free to your respective device.

PDF Reader

When it comes to checking and reading different PDF files, you don’t need to subscribe to your phone or laptop application because of PDFBear. You can now access any PDF files and read them for free. This PDF reader tool is handy, especially for individuals who are not that technology experts.

You can also access the PDFBear website and its tools in different browsers, Windows, and operating systems, and they work smoothly with all of them as long as you have a strong internet connection. Through this tool, it allows you to open and preview your PDF files or even print them. 

Besides that, you can also edit your PDF file and share them in just a few clicks. You need to upload the PDF file you wish to view to PDFBear’s reader; once it is uploaded, the PDF reader will scan your file and then make it into a viewable format.

Once it is viewable, you have the option to edit the file, share it or even print it for free. Once you finish viewing and editing the file, you can save it directly to your device by clicking the download button. 


Technology is one of the main reasons why all our jobs are being done smoothly and quickly, especially when electronic files are involved. Because of such file types, the PDF format has become essential to most professionals when sending and protecting your documents. 

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