UX Design – Top 3 Challenges Faced by Businesses (How to fix them)

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When was the last time you have seen a perfect User Experience (UX) design for a website or application? For most of us, its almost never. There is always something missing or needs tweaking. In today’s digital world, perfection is hard to achieve as the standards have been raised. But it is worth aiming for a perfect UX design for your company’s app or website.

A poor user experience not only hampers your performance but also has adversely affects app retention, which results in a high bounce rate. As you go deeper, you’ll realize that a professional and immersive UX is essential for building your personal brand and offering a full experience to your customers to increase conversion.

Top 3 common UX design challenges faced by companies – A way to overcome them

Aiming for the best UX for your online platform (website or app) is crucial for your brand and customers. The best approach to do that is to understand some of the biggest and most common challenges faced by businesses and ways to identify and fix them.

On that note, here are the most common UX challenges faced by brands and ways to overcome them.

Problem # 1. User-Friendly UX

When you are designing an application or a website for a brand, it is VERY easy to get carried away by aesthetics, themes, and flashy features rather than focusing on the most important aspect: a user-friendly UX.

While looks are important, especially in a saturated industry where brands need cutting edge online platform, it should not be the primary focus of any company. It is understandable that you want your users to enjoy navigating through your website and find it aesthetically appealing. Still, it is crucial to keep in mind the functionality of the site.

Users will be spending hours interacting with the website, regardless of your products and services, so provide them what they require, rather than what they might want!

So how to fix this issue? Simply, by analyzing user behavior during beta testing of the website/app to determine which design is most successful. You can also consult with website maintenance Dubai based experts regarding redesigning of your existing platforms or new ones.

Problem # 2. Embracing User Feedback in UX

One of the biggest challenges is that designers often fail at feedback wrangling and embracing the user feedback in the design. You need to embrace and analyze user feedback to design a high-quality website or a SAAS (Software as a Service) application. But it’s not that easy!

Some of the best SAAS applications are built on a thorough understanding of your brand, consumer’s wants, goals, and expectations. That means that you need to perform a comprehensive beta testing to identify any potential issues that may cause problems later on. The same goes for the SAAS website design for small businesses.

Leaving glitches or areas that are underperforming can prove costly later on. So how can you fix this problem?

  • Understand that UX design is very complicated and bound to have problems, so you need to check thoroughly for performance issues.
  • Try to incorporate real-time feedback in your UX, instead of changing just the traditional home page design.
  • Encourage communication between brand and customers to gather valuable feedback that might prove advantageous for enhancing your UX design.

Problem # 3. Confusing the User by Giving Them Too Much Choice

What are the essential elements of a good design? The answer is quite simple: a good UX for apps and websites offer its user everything they need to accomplish their goals and tasks, including customer management, communication, billing, etc.

As discussed before, you need to simplify things and create only the most necessary features and functions and incorporate user’s feedback into the design. Without this offer, there is a risk of confusing the user by generating multiple elements than needed. This leads to poor UX. Therefore, we recommend that you consult a website design company before launching your app to the public.

So, how to fix this problem?

  • Make sure to validate all additional elements in the design and analyze user experience to see if you need more features and options.
  • Identify any unused elements in the design that aren’t necessary and try to figure out if they can be tweaked in a way as to offer more value or removed altogether.
  • After conducting a thorough beta testing, remove all unwanted aspects from the application design that don’t add any value to the user experience. While doing so, make sure that the removal of such elements does not affect the performance in any way.

Update UX Design and Level Up!

So, here you have it: Three most common UX design challenges faced by businesses and how to overcome these issues. Quality performance has the power to ease and enhance the user experience, but failure to overcome these challenges, as mentioned above, will result in a poorly performing website that will become redundant with time.

Now you are aware of the potential hurdles, therefore, take action so you can deliver a high-quality UX design in your business applications and websites.

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