Why should you try tobacco alternatives?


With everybody around reminding the person of the unpleasant smoke and smell during smoking, they want to find an alternative. They look for other ways through which they can fulfill their smoking needs. Now the world has come up with different tobacco alternatives. Your curiosity and wish to carry addiction with less fear might take you to try one of them.

Here are few of the tobacco alternatives the world has come up with.

Herbal Cigarettes

Herbal cigarettes are one of the best tobacco alternatives. The most famous herbal cigarettes are clove cigarettes. They consist of 60 to 70% tobacco within them and it is mixed with cloves and other additives and flavorings. It is considered safer than the traditional cigarettes. The reason is they possess herbs. But they have the same amount of carcinogens as that in a traditional cigarette. So they can be risky for your health as well. However, there are other herbal cigarettes that are available without tobacco.


Another tobacco is hookah. They are also called water pipes. It is because they consist of water cooled pipes through which people can smoke. The pipe consists of tobacco with addition of different flavors. They can also be used with herbs.

People usually use hookahs because it provides them smoke along with desirable flavors. In traditional cigarettes, you just smoke the tobacco. However, in hookah you get to smoke tobacco along with flavors.


It is a form of bundle of tobacco wrapped up inside a tobacco leaf. Cigars are also smoked and another considered alternative of tobacco. The kind of carcinogens in cigars are the same as that of traditional cigarettes but are considered a better option than them.

Also, little cigars are available in packets. These cigars have a filtered tips and are inhaled just like one inhales a cigarette. They may consist of almost 1 to 3 grams of tobacco.

Dip Tobacco

Dip tobacco is a type of finely ground or ground moistened smokeless tobacco product. It is usually idiomatically known in various terms – most often as a dip or chew. It is used by placing tobacco rise or fall between the lip and gum. And its main difference is that it is generally smokeless and is a great alternative. Read this story about dipping with Taylor Canfield for more information.

Dissolvable tobacco

As the name clearly shows that this tobacco alternative dissolves in the mouth of the user. There are various kinds of dissolvable tobacco like orbs, strips, and sticks. Some are like the tic tac candies and some like the toothpicks. Dissolvable tobacco is sold just like the packaging of candies and mints.

You keep them in your mouth and let them dissolve. They take up to 3 minutes if in the form of a strip and might take 30 minutes if in the form of a stick to dissolve. Each kind of dissolvable tobacco do not have the same amount of nicotine. Some of them have more nicotine than that of the traditional cigarettes while other may have less amount of nicotine.

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