6 Tips for Storing Your Eliquids Properly to Preserve Flavor


Vape juices are made of VG, PG, and some other organic constituents like nicotine and flavors. As a result, you need to store them right to preserve flavor and maintain their freshness. 

Proper storing of your vape juice is essential to get the experience you desire from vaping. Not storing your vape juice the right way might compromise the integrity of the constituent of the juice. As a result, the component might go wrong, which will make the taste and smell sour. This is common for people who love fruity flavors like citrus, mango, orange, banana, etc. 

However, one can slow down the process of degradation with intelligent and straightforward storing techniques. This article will explore simple storing techniques that can help you preserve the integrity of your vape juice to avoid degradation:

  • Protect Your Juice from Light and Air

There is a reason many manufacturers put this inscription on their product:

“Store in a cool and dark place.”

Fresh air and sunlight can react with the constituents of the vape juice, especially the nicotine content. This will lead to the formation of something else. Air and light are responsible for oxidation which breaks down the nicotine content of your vape juice. Oxidation of nicotine leads to cotinine formation, which explains the color changes that occur. The flavor will also break down faster compared to the nicotine, especially the coffee flavor. You can avoid this by ensuring your vape juice has a tight cover. 

UV light also speeds up the process of oxidation by providing energy for the process. Any source of light, including sunlight and artificial light, can ruin your vape juice. As a result, keep your alien vape juice and other eliquids in the dark. 

  • Seal Your Bottles Properly

In storing your e-liquid, you want to avoid as much air as possible inside the bottle. Also, there shouldn’t be any air residue inside it. Avoid using big bottles as it increases the chance of air getting trapped in the container. Transfer all the content of a big bottle into a small, fitting bottle. It will make it easier to use the content since you get them out of the storage at once, rather than emptying from a big bottle every time and risking a deteriorated flavor. 

When swapping the bottle from one container to the other, ensure you don’t trap any air in the container. 

  • Avoid Heat

When you supply heat to a substance, it raises the temperature, and the molecules (building forces) get energized and excited. This leads to a breakdown of the constituents. The same thing happens to your vape juice in the presence of excess heat, which leads to changes in flavor or decay. 

With this, endeavor to store your juice at room temperature. While many vapers form the habit of storing their juice in a fridge or freezer, it is also a good idea. Freezing will not affect the composition even though it might solidify. With this, ensure you give it some time to adjust to room temperature before using. 

For long-term storage, freezing is the best choice. However, long-term freezing will eventually reduce the flavor of the vape juice. This is similar to the way food items lose their taste after excessively long storage in the freezer. It is, however, a welcomed option for people who will not be using their juice sooner. 

  • Be Smart with Your Storage Spot

The perfect storage spot is ideal for preserving the flavor and integrity of your e-liquid. While a refrigerator is a perfect place to preserve your e-liquid for the long term, not everyone has access to a constant power supply for this. 

As a result, consider storage options like drawer, cupboard, or box for long-term storage. The idea is to have a place where the temperature will not be excessively high, with minimal light interference. Ideally, a cool, dry, and dark spot should be your target. Make sure to prioritize a storage place where you can easily access it, keeping your juice away from heat, light, and air. 

  • Perfect Storage Container 

E-juices are generally available in plastic or glass bottles. Each of them has their pros and cons, and are ideal for various storage purposes. 

Plastic is one of the famous storage options available for ejuice. Provided you keep it away from air, light, and heat, you can preserve the flavor. The problem with plastic, however, is the tendency to react with the constituent of the juice. This makes plastic inefficient for long-term storage. 

Consider glass containers for long-term storage in the fridge, boxes, and other places. Glass does not react with the content of the liquid-like plastic. While a glass bottle might cost much, it is a recommended storage option. If you are going for a glass bottle, ensure it is dark or opaque. This will prevent UV rays from breaking down the constituent.

  • Don’t leave them in vehicles or mailboxes.

Leaving your vape juice in your mailbox, car, or other metal-enclosed space can damage it. The temperature of such space can rise quickly, which is not recommended for your e-liquid. In the same way, avoid leaving the juice in the glove compartment of your vehicle. Excessive heat from such enclosed space will contaminate the liquid and give it a nasty taste. This is not the proper storage habit for your juice. 


As evident from this article, different elements like light, air, and heat can affect the quality of your vape juice. As a result, you should be smart with storing your e-liquid safely.  If you have had a vape juice in storage for some time and noticed a change in flavor compared to the last time you used it, you are better off disposing of the liquid. Also, vape juice changes color with time as it degrades. However, a change in color alone is not a pointer to a bad juice. An e-liquid might still be helpful even if it appears darker than the last time you used it. 

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