COVID-19: How Much Protection Do N95 Masks Offer?

N95 Masks

Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives to a great extent. Since the flare-up of this disease, wearing face masks has become an essential part of our lives. That is the reason why demand for masks has suddenly shot up, as everyone is  either buying them from stores or ordering online.

If you too are looking for a mask to defend yourself from contracting this disease, then today, you will find a plethora of options to choose from.  One such option is the N95 masks virus protection mask. Many health experts recommend wearing N95 masks when going out in public for work or other essential purposes. However, many of you may not know much about the extent to which N95 virus protection mask offers protection. In such a case, you may think it is not easy to figure out the most suitable mask, and therefore, you may simply go for the ones recommended by either your doctor or peers. 

To make an informed decision while buying masks for yourself and your family, you must know well about N95 masks to stay protected against COVID-19 disease. 

Let’s dig deeper to know more about N95 maske virus protection.

What is an N95 Virus Protection Mask?

It is a respiratory protective device that covers face, nose, and mouth for protection against germs and pollutants. As a multi-layer mask, it has a 95% filtration efficiency to pathogens and airborne particles, which helps safeguard the wearer from contracting any virus-induced disease. 

While being multifaceted, N95 virus protection mask is designed in a way that it lets you inhale clean air without making you struggle for breath. These masks are evaluated, tested, and approved by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). They have high fluid resistance and breathability through the expiratory valve. Their duckbill/cup-shaped design does not collapse when worn against the mouth, thus ensuring easy usage.

Here is a breakdown of the N95 mask to help you understand its functions better:

  • The letter ‘N’ stands for ‘non-oil’. It is a part of respirator rating letter class and implies that no oil-based particulates are there in it and is suitable for wearing in the work environment. 
  • The number ‘95’ refers to the filtration efficiency of N95 virus protection masks. It means these masks have 95% efficiency to filter out harmful particles and germs. 
  • The material used for making these masks may differ from one manufacturer to the other. Take the case of Airific N95 virus protection mask from Nirvana Being. It has been designed using nanofibers that have an advantage over natural filters owing to their large surface area and pore numbers. Its nanofiber filter catches smaller particles with a pressure drop, making it highly breathable while in use. 

Important Facts You Should Know About N95 Virus Protection Mask

  • People suffering from heart diseases or respiratory health issues must consult their health care provider before using an N95 mask. It is because these masks may make it difficult for them to inhale properly, thus causing an adverse effect on their health.
  • Wearing cracked N95 virus protection masks does no good to prevent contraction of COVID-19 disease. Hence, you are advised to check for cracks on your masks which often occur with usage over time. If they (cracks) exist, you should take that mask off and replace it with a new one. 
  • Just like it is essential to know the proper usage of an N95 mask, you must also have the right knowledge about its discarding process. One way to discard your N95 virus protection mask safely is to put it in a disposable bag and throw it off in the trash. Make sure you sanitize your hands after you touch a used mask.
  • N95 masks may not work well for people with big beards as it won’t fit well over their mouth. So, you must keep a tab on the size of the mask you choose for yourself and your family members. 

During these tough times marked by fear and anxiety, the best weapon to stay safe against the virus is to have the right knowledge and then proactively use the same for taking all precautions. In line with this, you must know that not all masks offer equal protection, given their different materials and manufacturing processes. Alongside, recommendations about face masks may also get confusing. The best way is to choose a highly efficient and effective option such as the N95 virus protection mask, that keeps you protected in the right way. Consider buying an appropriately sized mask and then fight this battle against Coronavirus to stay safe and sound.

The global personal protective equipment market size is expected to reach USD 92.86 billion by 2027, owing to high demand for PPE in chemical manufacturing. This information is shared by Fortune Business Insights™ in its recent report

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