Direct Recovery Services Scam – {Sep 2022} Review

Direct Recovery Services Scam


A large number of online scams is rapidly growing. The most popular scam rising online in the United States is the Direct Recovery Services Scam. And a huge number of users are getting scammed because they have no idea or are aware that federal government laws and regulations are suited to protecting them against these scams.

Victims have low knowledge that they can file a lawsuit against those fraud companies who claim to provide services but instead scam them. 

Know About the Agency:

Direct Recovery Services is a debt collection company in the United States. A large number of users complained about the trespassing of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Users claimed that they had been misguided to do illegal things. And accused the company of sharing their information with third parties. They are also accused of receiving phone calls and messages from the company threatening them with legal action, which in reality aren’t allowed legally.

Is Direct Recovery Service Scam or Legit?

Direct Recovery Services is a legalized debt collection company managing on conditions. Direct Recovery Services collects a percentage of the actual amount they have received from their customers.

The debts that are found give additional contingency proportion to the collectors and furthermore to the agency. The amount of the contingency is calculated based on the period the debt existed. Although, there are no terms and conditions for legally authorized to take action or blame debt collectors.

However, suppose you received a scam call from Direct Recovery Services. In that case, you are eligible to claim an amount of $1000 as compensation as the company breaks the FDCPA and $500-$1500 for every call you receive from the company.

Reviews of the Customers:

Direct Recovery Services scam has received a huge amount of bad reviews and negative complaints about its services. Customers wrote that they were not satisfied with Direct Recovery Services’ services. And accused the company of several threats they had received through calls, because of which the company lost the trust of their clients. And it will take a lot of credibility to prove their legitimacy and regain their clients’ trust. 


The huge amount of bad reviews from customers on receiving Direct Recovery Services Scam calls and threats based on the DRS impacted the company’s image. That is why a customer needs to go through the review of the services that a company provides and read all the terms and conditions carefully.

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