Fun Delivered Reviews {Sep 2022} Check Legitimacy Factors


Do you know what happens to the unclaimed packages or parcels of Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, or other sites? Where do the packages go after no one claims them? I am sure you have no idea about it, don’t worry, even I didn’t know about it until recently when I heard about Fun Delivered reviews.

Today this article provides you with a full description and specification of what Fun Delivered is, Fun Delivered reviews, and whether Fun Delivered is legit or not.

Fun Delivered Description:

Fun Delivered is a shipping website in the United States started by Rebecca and Jena during the pandemic that sells unclaimed packages and mystery boxes to interested customers at a very reasonable rate.

The Fun Delivered slogan on the official website is that their unclaimed Mystery boxes are perfect for holidays, date nights, gift exchanges, birthdays, and just for Fun.’

According to Fun Delivered, both the girls initially started the business of selling mystery boxes and unclaimed packages on Facebook and later developed their own Fun Delivered website because of the high demand for the business. 

Let’s Know Specific Details on Fun Delivered:

  1. Domain Name: Fun Delivered
  2. Website link:
  3. Email Address: [email protected]
  4. Product: Unclaimed packages
  5. Address: P.O. Box 1719 Ocala, Florida
  6. Registration Date: 13/ 08/ 2021
  7. Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube

Pros and Cons of Investing in the Mystery Box:

These are the benefits of buying the Mystery Box from Fun Delivered:

  • Mostly readymade products
  • At very reasonable prices
  • Fun for Mystery box suspense
  • Probability of getting expensive and unique items

Check out the drawbacks of buying the Mystery Box from Fun Delivered:

  • Mystery box items have no warranty and guarantee
  • Sometimes frauds and scams items delivered
  • Not enough customer reviews
  • No refund and return policy

About Fun Delivered Legitimacy:

Always determine the legitimacy of a website before buying or trusting the products or the services they provide.

Hope these points will help you decide more vividly:-

  • Domain founded: 13/ 08/ 2021
  • Owner name: Rebecca and Jena
  • Domain expiry date: 13/ 08/ 2023
  • Trust Score: 33%
  • Trust Rank: 21.4/100
  • Social media: Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok
  • No customer review on the official website
  • Website poorly designed

Similar websites like ‘Fundelivered’ ‘And Fun Delivery resemble the Fun Delivered website. 

Fun Delivered Reviews Conclusion:

Lastly, we can say that the Fun Delivered website has both pros and cons because the idea of the mystery box can bring customers to the website. Still, the service could badly disappoint them, and with zero feedback on the website, customers have to buy products based on their guts and luck. 

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