Is Non-alcoholic Beer Available in the UK Healthy?

Is Non-alcoholic Beer Available in the UK Healthy?

Yes, non-alcoholic beer can be a more healthy option than the general alcoholic version but do you know that it’s actually very good for your health? You’d be delighted to know that the ability of non-alcoholic beer in the UK goes far beyond the normal benefits. It’s one of the best alternatives to healthy drinking. 

Besides being a better option, these alcohol-free drinks are full of beautiful health advantages because it hydrates your body instead of dehydrating, acts as a post-workout recovery option, promotes better sleep and also reduces your anxiety.

So, why not keep yourself healthy with beer with zero alcohol options? 

A Better Alternative To Drinking

Before you dive into the real health benefits, let’s look at how it helps your body! 

Healthy Human Body 

If you’re about to conceive or on certain medications or doctors have advised you to limit alcohol consumption, going for a beer with zero alcohol is the only option for you. If you’re into fitness and health, then you might choose to swap between these typical drinks with something that’s free of alcohol. These non-alcoholic beers won’t damage your body plus will hydrate you to a greater extent. 

No Hangovers 

Sometimes you’re also not able to drink because of the thought of a hangover, the very next day. Thinking about alcohol is enough to make you wary about the effects of the next morning. This is why, you must go for beers with zero alcohol as you won’t get any hangovers, then. The sheer presence of drink in your hands will add delight to your heart and it’s enough to keep away people who pressurize you for drinking just one more peg. 

Lower Calories 

You might have noticed that the regular wine, beer and liquor bottles don’t display the nutritional information. You can’t easily find the ABV and you won’t even know the calorie, nutrition or sugar intake. And, please understand that ignorance is not always bliss. Sometimes, it’s important and mandatory. 

Do you know that the average calorie count in beer is more than 200 and that some heavy beer options can have more than that? It means if you’re a beer lover, you’d be adding calories in large amounts into your body without thinking twice. 

Yikes! Don’t worry, non-alcoholic beers have lower calories i.e. between 26-60 calories and that’s half of the normal beer options available in the market. Not all non-alcoholic beers are equal but some are even higher than the others in terms of calories. So, now it’s easier for you to remove excess calories from your beer just by choosing a better option of non-alcoholic beer. 

No Driving Issues 

Voila! Getting back home by driving all the way along after drinking is always risky? Isn’t it? But not anymore! Choosing a non-alcoholic beer option is always a great choice if you plan to drive after the party. More restaurants, food joints and bars are catching up with these beer options so that their customers don’t face any issue even after the party gets over! Isn’t it amazing? 

On the whole, non-alcoholic beer will definitely improve your health and won’t let you face any risks. You can dive into the good stuff with the help of this beer. Plus, you’ll realize that it’s always fun to be a part of a healthy lifestyle.

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