3 Veggies You Can Grow on a Kitchen Window Sill

3 Veggies You Can Grow on a Kitchen Window Sill

If you are keen to grow your own vegetables but don’t have much outdoor space, then you may assume that you are limited on what you can grow. However, with people spending more time at home than ever before over the last twelve months, many of us have been getting creative with the space we have. For example, there are a range of vegetables that you can grow without needing any outdoor space. 

Not only does growing some veggies from the comfort of your own home mean that you can add some fresh ingredients to make your meals tastier, but it is a great hobby that you and your whole family can get involved in. So, if you want to have fresh vegetables on hand to include in your meals, then here are some of the veggies that you can grow on your kitchen windowsill. 


Cress is one of the easiest vegetables to grow on your windowsill and is particular popular amongst those who love nothing more than enjoying a sandwich or salad at lunchtime. Cress is a peppery favourite and is a vegetable that anyone can grow as you don’t even need compost. 

You can grow cress on cotton wool or even on a wet tissue, and all you need is a tray or container so that you can sprinkle seeds across the wet material. You can then pop your tray on the windowsill where they will get plenty of sunlight and watch them grow. However, it is important that you never let the paper go dry, so remember to water them regularly otherwise the roots will start to die. 


While you can grow kale in your garden, you can also grow it in your kitchen windowsill as long as it has plenty of access to sunlight. Kale is the plant that keeps on giving, as once you have cut it back it will continue to grow. This means that you will be able to enjoy a constant supply. 

The great thing about growing kale yourself is that it is easy to do, and you can use pretty much any kale seeds to get several harvests. There is a range of seeds available online that you can use, including dwarf blue curled kale seeds that can grow up to 15 inches tall. Ordering your seeds online from a site like Happy Valley Seeds makes growing natural produce from home even easier since you don’t even need to leave your home! 

Baby Beetroot

Baby beetroot is also a homegrown favourite that has become increasingly popular amongst those looking to grow more fruit and vegetables from home. Beetroots are best grown in pots, and by sowing the seeds 15cm deep and around 5cm away from each other, they are likely to produce several plants from just one seed. 

Growing vegetables from home isn’t as difficult as you might first think and simply by sourcing the best seeds, and doing a bit of research, you can easily produce your own veggies from home to make your meals yummier and healthier than ever.

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