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Shoulder Exercises are Not For Faint of Heart

Shoulder exercises are Not For Faint of Heart

Shoulder exercises are one of the most neglected exercises in the gym but shoulders support various functions in the body just like legs but stay in shadow without proper appreciation. International journal of sports physical therapy published a study on the patients with shoulder pains due to rotator cuff. They found that patents experienced significant improvements in bodily functions and pain with their daily shoulder exercises for three weeks. We don’t do shoulder exercises in general. So, it might be an issue for beginners to start with shoulder exercises in the gym. Get your weight gainer with you that helps you to give proper strength for your weight lifting and follow these exercises given below. 

  • Barbell Standing Press: Though Barbell Standing Press works on your whole body but its most focus area is shoulders. For strengthening your core and increasing the overall strength of the whole body, so that you will get a good balance in most of the exercises or movements of the body. So shake your weight gainer protein and hit the exercise. 
  • Arnold press: Keep your supplement handy to support your weight lifting. Choose your weight gainer for men and consume it between your exercises because it is not any other exercise, it is Arnold press the name of exercise that is named after Mr. Universe ‘Arnold’. Rotating motion of this exercise helps to get the most desired V- shape body. So, do these exercises under the best trainer and with the best weight gainer protein in India.
  • Lateral Raise: Try to fly with lateral raise. Keep the weight in your hand and lift them in flying posture. Though it doesn’t seem so hard, three sets of ten reps with increasing weight make it very hard. Weight gainers can support you. Good news is that you can get the best weight gainer 1kg price in the market especially online. 
  • Front Raises: One of the most recommended exercises that makes your anterior delts stronger to deal with heavy weights. You need to keep the weights on both hands and raise them frontward. Do the process slow so that your anterior delts get more time to get engaged with weights. This is quite simple but with a heavy weight or slow process, you will get it more tough. These are very good exercises for your shoulders but not for the faint of heart. 


  • Incline Bench Combo L-to-Lateral Raise: most of the shoulder exercises look easy though these are hard to perform. But Incline Bench Combo L-to-Lateral Raise looks hard as well as hard to perform. You have to lie down on the incline bench and then perform the exercises with lifting heavy weights which is quite painful. 


You must have a brave heart to perform shoulder exercises ofcourse there is an easy way out. Skip the day but that will not help you to go anywhere with your shoulders. No pain no gain is an idiom which you will truly understand by performing the shoulder exercises. 

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